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Multi-Metering System

MDS 40 M1 | MDS 100 M1

MDS 40 M1 | MDS 100 M1

Combines the advantages of PS and disc spreaders

The Multi-Metering System MDS combines the benefits of a Pneumatic Seeder and a Disc Spreader. Precise metering is performed by a seeding shaft, the seeds are distributed via a spreading plate - ideal for slug pellets on large working widths. Also suitable for spreading a great variety of catch crops.
Due to the varied mounting options and the simple and fast installation and adjustment for various soil tillage implements, the MDS can be used several times in the course of a year for a variety of applications.


  The maximum spread rate is of approximately 5 kg/min slug pellets.
In the case of seeds, it depends on the seed shape and density.
The spreader is not suitable for corrosive fertilisers and other substances.


    • "High end" slug pellet spreader
    • Speed-dependent spreading of catch crops
  • Working width
    up to 28 m (with 'Metarex' slug pellets)*

    Max. metering quantity
    up to 5 kg / min (depends on seeds)

    H 83 cm, W 47 cm, D 60 cm (MDS 40 M1)
    H 105 cm, W 55 cm, D 55 cm (MDS 100 M1)

    Seed hopper
    40 l or 105 l plastic hopper

    Net weight
    28 kg (MDS 40 M1) / 30 kg (MDS 100 M1)

    Power data
    12 V / 25 A

    * In order to reach a uniform distribution for a working width below 4 m, we recommend using a precision dispersion plate (see accessories) or the modular implement extension on MDP
    • Optionally with Control Box 1.2, 3.2, or 5.2 (different price category)
    • Complete spreader with hopper, metering unit, frame and spreading plate unit
    • Point of impact adjustment
    • Mounting kit three-point linkage for 3-point mounting
    • Counter plate, calibration bag
    • A seed wheel set for 2 seeding shafts (Flex, fine and fine-blind seed wheels)
    • 6 m cable from spreader to control box
    • Best lateral distribution for slug pellets among Single Disc Spreaders available on the market
    • Adjusting the working width AND the spread rate from the driver's seat
    • Precise speed and rate adaptation (using the seeding shaft)
    • Speed-adjusted seed rate spreading & headland management* (with sensors)
    • Smallest to large quantities can be metered with absolute precision (various seed wheel shapes and amounts possible)
    • Simple calibration test (with standing and folded disc)
    • Possibility of installing a fill level sensor* (optional) and a calibration button* (optional)
    • Seeding shafts suitable for common applications are included in the Items included
    • Can be converted to MDP or MDG

    * For use with the Control Box 5.2


MDS 100 M1
MDS 100 M1
MDS 100 M1


    • Tractor (solo pass)
    • Soil tillage implements
    • Harrow, drag, rotary harrow
    • Quad (ATV)
    • Accessory kit fill level sensor*
    • Calibration button**
    • Cable extension PS MX 2 m
    • Cable extension PS MX 5 m
    • Accessory kit switch MDS - MDP
    • Precision dispersion plate 1 - 4 m working width
    • Mounting kit quad bracket height-adjustable
    • Mounting kit quad bracket
    • Truck bed mounting bracket
    • * For use with the Control Box 1.2 & 5.2
      ** For use with the Control Box 5.2

    Modular implement extensions
    • Accessory kit 2 outputs (to MDP and MDG)
    • Accessory kit 6 outputs (to MDP)
    • Accessory kit electric fan (to MDP)


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